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Have you ever wanted to capture some sound from your favorite game? Would you like to easily record sounds from your microphone or line-in input?

Total Recorder is an application designed to save absolutely any sound played by your computer as an WAV or MP3 audio file. You can also use it to convert any audio file to WAV, MP3, or WMA format.

The program is easy to use, enabling you to save sounds from any track you're playing through any multimedia program, and making it easy to select specific parts of a song, snippets of dialogue from a movie, or anything else you may need.

Total Recorder includes add-on support, which you can find in the author's website, allowing you to personalize the program and add more functions.

If you have an older version of Total Recorder, you should uninstall it so that everything works correctly.


Adds an alert sound into each minute of your recording.

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